Sunday, January 25, 2015

Next Gen All American / Rivals Scout is showing Daron some love today!

#LOVE #RESPECT Scouts know when they see a talent QB! Keep on grinding to be the BEST son! #ProudDad

Daron Bryden will attend Rivals / Next Gen All America Camp in Boston!

Daron Bryden will be at the camp. IT IS MUST ATTEND CAMP TO SHOWCASE YOUR SKILLS! He can not wait to show the coaches what he can do out there! Daron received from love from them as well on twitter! Feb 8th at 9 am to 1 pm! See you there if you show up!
Thanks for the LOVE!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

2014 Amazing Achievements for QB Daron Bryden

6th Grade Dmaxx Youth All American Game in SC!

Great week! Daron had a ball meeting new friends and playing with and against top 6th graders in the nation. Daron's team lost to Black team but was the only QB to throw a lot of passes in the game. He is looking forward coming back next year with a stronger performance. Daron was selected one of the top performers by Please check out Diamond Sports Group and attend one of their combines this year. If you are one of the top players in the combine then you would have a good shot to be selected for 2016 Youth All American Bowl Games!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Shout out to Springfield Central HS Football Coaches!

I would like to thank them for inviting Daron to attended NFL HSPD Camp at Springfield Central. He really enjoyed playing and learning from them. Also thanks to OC Coach for inviting Daron and me to watch one of the games this season! Wow the fans were packed there compared to other HS games I attended in Connecticut. We still do not know what HS Daron will be playing for but we have two more years for Daron to make the decision where he wants to go and play for.

Daron's FBU All Star Team Connecticut came short!

6th Grade FBU Team Connecticut shocked the country how far we made it in the tournament. We made to the final 8 and lost to Indiana in Alexandria VA! The team is loaded with a lot of talent players such as Alex Clinton, James McGrady, Tyson Thornton and many others! The team will be back next year and we should make to the final four! The FBU announcers mentioned how good Daron did in the tournament for his Team Connecticut. I would like to add a shout out to Gallaudet University Coach for showing up to Daron's final 16 game to support him. He is a big fan of Daron!

Daron Bryden won i350 and Top Gun Invitation Award at FBU Camp in Stamford, CT

Daron had a great time meeting QB Coach Tony Ballard and FBU Scout Director Erik Richards.