Tuesday, March 8, 2011

SI.com "Hot Clicks" mentioned Daron today!

It was awesome to see Sports Illustrated web site to talk about Daron Bryden s trick shots video in "Hot Clicks" AM Section for March 8, 2011! Thanks to Jimmy Traina for mentioned Daron Bryden! Daron thought it was so neat! It should add some nice traffic for his YouTube video! Copy and paste this link to see his name there! ---> http://bit.ly/eKhnoy

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Here s the article about Daron being Youth1.com Athlete of the Month! (Feb.)

Awesome article and we are very proud of him.. We are very lucky that Daron does not care that his parents are deaf. We were very amazed what he told Youth1.com about his deaf parents. Thank you Daron and we always love you!

Enjoy the article! http://youth1.com/athlete-of-the-month-february-article.html

Daron has been practicing throwing passes to his friends.

Daron has been practicing 3 times a week throwing passes to his friends from Manchester. Daron also see his QB Coach every Tuesday. His friends are wide receivers for his team. It is so awesome his friends are motivated to practice with Daron running routes for him to throw. He is very lucky to have them. I would like to thank his friends parents for bringing their child to the gym to practice with Daron. After practice they ends up playing some hoop!

Daron was on ESPNews "The Beat" Show and ESPN2 SportsNation twice last week!

It was amazing to see ESPNews "The Beat" Show to talk about Daron and ESPN2 SportsNation showed Daron s trick shots video twice (Monday and Wednesday) They mentioned that NFL needs to wait few more years for Daron to play and SportsNation mentioned that UConn could have used Daron against Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl game. That was funny. We will never forget that!