Saturday, June 25, 2011

Daron and his QB Coach, Todd Krueger

Daron loves working with his new QB Coach, Todd Krueger. He has been improving a lot since he works with Todd. Todd made some little adjustments. When Daron throws a football, his elbow is similar to Tom Brady (New England Patriots QB) s elbow when he throws a football. It is amazing that Daron is picking up things quickly from Todd. Todd has been working a lot with Darons footwork and scrambling as well! Daron sees Todd weekly at Uxbridge, MA. Todd has been improving a lot with his sign language skills to communicate with me which I love it! He just loves to learn new words to communicate!

Daron practices with his father at Enfield HS 4-5 times a week. We just love being on the football field to have good times with each other!

Check the video of Daron's QB training with his QB Coach, Todd Krueger today in Uxbridge, MA. Look what his left elbow do when he throws a football! Mini Tom Brady! LOL

Update news about Daron Bryden

Daron was being interviewed by Brian Dant from last week. Also wrote a brief article about Daron and showed a lot of love for Daron! (We were not aware they did a brief article about him until we found it on google!) Feel free to check the articles!

Daron will be attending 4 football camps in July! 2 weeks Andrew Pinnock Camp in Bloomfield, CT, Duel of the Dozen QB Competition in Canton, Ohio and Offense and Defense Camp. It will be a busy month for Daron before Daron and his younger brother, Jaxon starts football practice with Manchester Sentinals on August 1st!