Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First game of the season was tough!

We got beat by Worcester Vikings. They were the defending champion of JPW D1 last year. We were the defending champion of JPW D2 last year. Central Mass Pop Warner voted and moved Manchester to D1 instead staying in D2. Worcester is a great team and great speed. We got shut out badly. Daron was being chased all day long and went for 4-15 passes for 32 yards. 6 dropped passes from his wide receivers and 5 bad passes from Daron (passes were either high or low) The team is looking forward to rebound back against Shrewbury, MA this Sunday at 12 pm! The game will be at Manchester, CT. Manchester Sentinals Record 0-1

Jamboree Game Day against Springfield, MA

We won the Jamboree game 6-0. The weather was so bad! It poured so hard and we could not even see the players that great from the sidelines! Daron competed 3-4 passes for 37 yards total. He had a 45 yards touchdown pass but was waived due to penalty!

Check out the QB Training video with his QB coach, Todd Krueger!

Enfield Reminder News wrote an article about "Youth Phenom"

Great article. They came to Enfield HS Football field to take some photos of Daron and interviewed him there for an hour! It was a great interview! Here is the link for you to read the article!

Enfield Press Newspaper wrote a brief article.

Enfield Press Newspaper wrote a story about Daron last year and again they wrote a brief article about Daron making the Offense Defense Youth All American Bowl Game at the end of the year. Check it out and click the picture to read the article! Enjoy!

HDNet came to film Daron on August 16th, 2011!

HDNet TV Station from Colorado came to film Daron all day from 9 am to 7 30 pm! Daron had a great time. He will never forget that day. They filmed Daron at Enfield High School football field while his QB coach Todd Krueger was training him with his two wide receivers Logan and Joey. After that, they went to St Bernard School to film Daron to do some trick shots for an hour in the gym. After that they came to Daron s house to film his trophies room and Daron and his father playing Madden game on XBox 360! Last, they came to Manchester to film Daron and his teammates during football practice. His teammates enjoyed being in the spotlight! It will air on HDNet at the end of the month. I will keep you posted! Stay Tuned!