Saturday, November 30, 2013

2013 Best Youth QB in the Nation!

So proud of Daron tonight! He received the 2013 IV Star Showcase Dave O'Brien award for the nations top youth quarterback tonight! Hard work pays off and Do not stop what you have been doing Daron! Keep up the great work! Mom and Dad are very proud of you Daron!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Daron Bryden will be playing QB for FBU 6th Grade Connecticut North team.

It wasnt a easy decision because one of the FBU scouts Vicki Wittenstein-Robinson wanted Daron to play for FBU Team Connecticut South but the ride would be too much for me to bring Daron to their football practices because they would be practicing in the New Haven area. Also FBU team Massachusetts contacted me and expressed a lot of interests to have Daron to play QB for them but the ride to practice would be a hassle. So we decided to have Daron play for FBU Team Connecticut North because it is closer for us to attend to their practices.. So far Daron is liking the coaches and the way they run their offense. We will be playing FBU 6th Grade Team Massachusetts on Dec 7th. I will keep you posted so you can see and support Daron and his FBU 6th Grade teammates! Good Luck Daron and show em what you can do!

Big News! Daron Bryden made the 2013 Junior Academic All American Team! He will be playing QB for the Junior All American 6th Grade Bowl in Texas!

I am so proud of Daron. He continues to do big things every year! His hard work, footwork, technique and throwing mechanics are starting to impress college coaches, high school coaches, recruiting scouts and etc! He will be playing QB for the Junior Academic All American 6th Grade Bowl in Dallas Texas on Jan. 4th. He is one of the 3 QBs chosen to play for the East team! Go make the SCPW, Hartford Hurricanes and State of Connecticut proud!

IV Star Showcase selected Daron to play QB for 6th Grade Regional All Star Game in PA!

Daron will be the starting QB for the 6th Grade regional All Star Game in Plymouth Meeting, PA (Near Philadelphia, PA) Daron will be practicing with his new all star teammates on Nov 29, Nov 30 to get ready for their all star game at 2 pm on December 1st! Come support and meet Daron if you are in the area! Go Daron show em what you can do and make the state of connecticut proud!

88 Athletics selected Daron Bryden to play QB for Connecticut Pee Wee All Star Game on May 2013.

Daron Bryden is one of 88 Athletics sponsored athletes! Their web site is Check out their cool highlight video of their four 88 athletics sponsored athletes! Daron is in the video.

11 Year Old Hartford Hurricanes QB Star Daron Bryden 2013 Season Highlight Film!

Hartford Hurricanes JPW team fell short and finished the 2013 SCPW JPW State Champions Runner - Up.

Great Season. The kids played hard all season long. We lost to Danbury Trojans the first game of the season 33-6 then we went 7-1 the next 8 games. We upset Danbury Trojans in the semi finals. The score was 38-14. We lost to New Haven Steelers in the state championship game. Daron will never forget this season. He had a great time with his new teammates after playing for Manchester Sentinals the last 3 years! Daron showed some speed and rang some bells in the league. Daron received a lot of compliments from the coaches and team presidents as well. They never saw a talented QB like Daron can do with his footwork and throwing mechanics. Great job Daron and we are so proud of you!

UMass high school football camp welcomes 11-year-old QB Phenom Daron Bryden.

UMass invited Daron again for their 2nd HS Camp at Gillette Stadium. UMass coaches were happy to see him again. They gave him a warm welcome! Daron was sick on the way to the camp. He even threw up in the middle of the camp drills. Coach John Bond tweeted that Daron was the toughest guy at the camp because he came back to finish his stuff after he threw up. He was a warrior and the HS QB's enjoyed watching what he could do with them. Great experience for Daron. The coaches hopes that he would be 2020 Minutemen QB! Here is the article that Boston TV wrote about him!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Daron Bryden vs NFL Pro Bowl QB Matt Hasselbeck

Finally I am going to announce after waiting for one year! Daron participated at the Kids Talent Show at LA with 5 other talent kids from all over the country last June 2012! For some reason the show was scrapped and will not air at all which was disappointing. Anyways, LL Cool J was the show host! They had my son Daron Bryden to challenged NFL Pro Bowl QB Matt Hasselbeck in an accuracy competition. It was a timed challenge 60 seconds on the clock! Each Player must get one ball through each hoop in order, 1-5 (shortest to tallest). Player earns point value for each hoop - e.g. a ball through hoop 1 earns one point, a ball through hoop 3 earns three points, etc. Once each of the five hoops has been "completed" in order - player may then throw balls at any of the hoops in any order to earn additional points. Guess who won? Daron beat Matt Hasselbeck by 2 points! The final score was 33 to 31! The audience went NUTS!!!!! Matt could not believe how amazing Daron was!!! It was the night we will never forget. LL Cool J and producers told me that everyone was talking about how amazing Daron was at his talent and how great he was as part of the cast. Again I do not know the reason why it was scrapped maybe Matt told them not to air it at all LOL. Just Kidding. Matt was an awesome guy and he met my family as well. He gave Daron an autographed jersey after the show. Also Big Ben sent Daron his autographed jersey as well because they knew Big Ben was Daron's favorite quarterback! If anyone wants more specific details, please email me.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013 mentioned Daron for the UMass Recruiting and Camp News!

Another good article about Daron! UMass community is showing love! Daron will be attending UMass Football High School Camp again on the 22nd! The coaches can not wait to see him again! Here is the link (Just copy and paste it)

Could Daron Be Future Temple Golden Boy?

Its always exciting when local newspaper writes article about Daron! wrote an article about Daron. The title of the article is "Could preteen be future Temple golden boy?" I have to admit it is one of my favorite articles. There are so many articles about Daron if you google him! The link is (Copy and paste it)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Daron did great at the UMass High School Football Camp!

Daron as a 5th grader had a great time balling with the UMass High School players today! Daron and I felt welcome when we arrived there. One of the UMass coaches, Charley Molnar III was great taking the time to talk to me and Daron and showing us UMass football uniforms and etc! Also UMass Offensive Coordinator John Bond introduced himself to us. Daron worked with him today and he learned some tips from him. It was also great finally meeting Coach Suber who has been following Daron on twitter and invited him to this camp! I was very impressed that UMass head coach, Charley Molnar walked up to me and introduced himself. I told him I was deaf and read lips. He said he knew I was deaf. He told me Daron was great! He told me what little things that Daron needed to fix. I told him one of QB coaches taught him what he was doing before. He asked me few questions about Daron. It was a great chat with him! On the ride home Daron told me that he would love to be a 2020 Minuteman! I told him "Daron you know you have a long way to go and more schools will be coming after you if you keep on working hard" Yes it would be awesome if he plays for UMass because its only 40 minutes drive! Cant beat that LoL Young gunslinger balling with the high school players! Daron #5 the youngest QB at the UMass High School Camp as a 5th grader! Daron and one of UMass coaches, Coach Suber!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Daron got invited to participate at UMass Football Camp for the High School Players

Daron is stroked to be invited to meet UMass coaches and show them what he can do! It should be a fun day for Daron! He will be going to their HS camp this Saturday and June 22nd as well! He will be the youngest QB at their camp. Go Daron! wrote an article about Youth Football Prodigy! (Daron)

Great Article! wrote an article about Temple has Eye Set on Youth Football Prodigy! Here is the link --->

Daron had a ball participating at the Temple University Football Camp!

So proud of Daron! He did amazing balling with the older QBs. He was the youngest QB there and one of temple coaches told us they were talking about how good Daron is and they love him during their lunch break! Coach Satterfield, the Offensive Coordinator, told us after the camp that he has a great chance and he was better than half of the HS QB's there! Daron will never forget that day because that was his first ever college camp he attended! #ProudDaddy! Temple Offensive Coordinator Coach Satterfield and Daron!

NPFA and IVStar selected Daron to play QB in their Youth All American Games!

It is great that Daron's QB skills and talents are spreading out right now. NPFA selected Daron to play QB for their NPFA 5th Grade All Star Game in Miami, FLA (July 2013) Daron will not be able to participate in Miami this year but maybe he will next year if he gets selected again. IVStarShowcase selected Daron to play QB for their 6th Grade All Star Game in PA! (December 2013) Daron will be able to play in that All Star game in PA!

Monday, May 6, 2013

DeBartolo QB/WR Clinic at Curry College with Coach Joe Dickinson

Daron and his wide receiver Ray Adams went to DeBartolo QB/WR Clinic yesterday! They had a lot of fun! Coach Dickinson introduced Daron to youth quarterbacks before they started the training. Coach Dickinson told the youth qbs that Daron is famous and follows him on twitter! Coach Dickinson made Daron to show the youth qbs how to do the drills! Daron really had great time and likes Coach Dickinson a lot. Coach Dickinson was very impressed with Daron. He said his footwork and mechanics are way advanced for the youth qb groups! Coach Dickinson (@Joe_Dickinson) tweeted that Daron is all they say and will be a QB star! Daron's wide receiver Ray Adams was amazing, he made a lot of great catches especially one handed catch in the air! #MontanaToRice Combination! They will be doing the QB/WR camp again in the summer so hopefully Daron will be able to make it!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Coach Dickinson is impressed with Daron!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Check out Daron's # 7 jersey!

One of the top 11 year old QBs in the Country! Daron looks like a true Hurricane after he put his new # 7 jersey on this afternoon! He will be busy going to few college camps and other football camps as well this spring and summer! We will keep you updated. Go Hartford Hurricanes! Again their web site is Check us out! Daron and Hartford Hurricanes President Phil Bryant

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Always Grinding!

Daron is always grinding! Still doing his QB workouts. He and his buddy/wide receiver Rayshawn worked out together during the off season at American School for the Deaf gym. Now the weather is getting warm and Daron is back working out at Enfield High School football field. He works out on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Any wide receivers are welcome to come! E mail me if interested.

Daron got selected to play QB for Team USA for 6th Grade PRIDE All Star Game!

Warren Preston, CEO of PRIDE selected Daron to play QB for 6th PRIDE All Star Game for Team USA on Jan 2014 at San Diego, CA! It is a honor for Daron to be selected and represent for the Team USA! You will be able to watch Daron online! Details will be posted at the end of the year. Congrats Daron! You will make your family and state of Connecticut very proud! Go Daron!

Daron is officially a Hartford Hurricane!

Daron will be playing for a new powerhouse football program, Hartford Hurricanes this season after playing for Manchester Sentinals for the last 3 years! We have nothing but lots of respect for the Sentinals program! It was a tough decision but we were very impressed with Hurricanes President Phil Bryant and the junior pee wee coaches, Coach Woodson, Coach Kam, Coach Ray, and Coach Kush. Daron will be playing Junior Pee Wee division one more year. He is very excited to play in the Southern Connecticut Pop Warner League which is one of the best pop warner leagues in New England. Hartford will be playing against Bridgeport, New Haven, Waterbury and other towns in Connecticut. Their home games will be played at the Dillon Stadium in Hartford, CT. Check out their web site for their 2013 schedule in few months to watch Daron play with his new team! Check out his new jersey # 7 Daron, one of his Hurricane wide receivers, Rayshawn and one of his Junior Pee Wee Coaches, Coach Ray. Daron and Ray worked out together during off season! Hard work pays off!