Sunday, November 17, 2013

Daron Bryden will be playing QB for FBU 6th Grade Connecticut North team.

It wasnt a easy decision because one of the FBU scouts Vicki Wittenstein-Robinson wanted Daron to play for FBU Team Connecticut South but the ride would be too much for me to bring Daron to their football practices because they would be practicing in the New Haven area. Also FBU team Massachusetts contacted me and expressed a lot of interests to have Daron to play QB for them but the ride to practice would be a hassle. So we decided to have Daron play for FBU Team Connecticut North because it is closer for us to attend to their practices.. So far Daron is liking the coaches and the way they run their offense. We will be playing FBU 6th Grade Team Massachusetts on Dec 7th. I will keep you posted so you can see and support Daron and his FBU 6th Grade teammates! Good Luck Daron and show em what you can do!

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