Sunday, April 17, 2011

Daron has a new Quarterback Coach, Todd Krueger.

This is Daron s 3rd Quarterback Coach the last 4 years. Evan Bowen trained him when he was 6 and 7. Travis Meyer trained him when he was 7 and 8. After few of his trainings were cancelled, things didnt work out between Travis and Daron. Daron was very emotional because he really liked Travis a lot. Daron had a lot of great memories with Travis. I did a lot of researching and spoke with a lot of football people in the business about the QB changes. We finally decided that Todd Krueger would be the best QB coach to prepare Daron to get better and ready for his next level.

Todd s web site is Check out the players he trained with in the past. He has a great coaching resume! He worked Elite 11 Quarterbacks, FBU, Army All American, Rivals NorthEast Showcase and many more! He is now one of the Quarterback coaches for Junior Rank!

Daron had his first QB training with him yesterday in Massachusetts. He was very impressed with Daron s mechanics. He said that Daron is one of the top Youth QBs in the nation! He just made a little minor changes. He worked a lot with Daron with his footwork drills. Daron told me that he really likes Todd a lot and was very impressed that Todd was trying to do some sign language to communicate with me (father). Todd asked Daron for some help with sign language to communicate with me. I never had any QB coaches asking or trying to learn some sign language to communicate with me. That was a big bonus and he didnt really have to do that but he really wanted to because he wanted to communicate with me.

Daron is one of the "Players to Watch" at Andrew Pinnock Football Camp!

Daron was selected one of the "Players to Watch" for Andrew Pinnock s Football Camp! It was an honor for him to selected my son after seeing him participated one of his football clinic during Feb vacation. He and his crew were very impressed with him. Andrew used to play for San Diego Chargers for 6 years and Denver Broncos for 1 year. He played in the UFL last year for Florida Tuskers. Daron will be participating Grade 2-5 and Grade 6-9 camps.

Andrew and Daron s father became good friends. Andrew has been giving great advices for my son how to handle the media attentions, and haters. He has been great role model for me and Daron. We are very fortunate to developed a great friendship with him! His 13 year old son is a beast! You all need to look out for him! He will be at the camp as well!

Check his bio/info at his web site

An NFL Combine For An 8-Year-Old!

We love what Yahoo The Post Game one of the best online sports magazines for sports fans wrote about Daron! It was an article article especially the way they compared him to Tim Tebow throwing mechanics! LOL Check it out!

Daron was on Sports Illustrated Kids!

Sports Illustrated writer, Paul Ulane contacted me after he saw his YouTube video on the internet. Check it out and there was some nice comments about Daron. Of courses there are some haters comments as well. You know how haters are when they see something that they dont like or get jealous.. We are very blessed to have Daron who is a hard working kid and a great kid with a humble attitude. Enjoy the article!