Thursday, August 27, 2009

Daron's 2009 Football Schedule

9/13 Enfield at Portland 9 am

9/19 Coventry at Enfield 2 pm

9/27 Enfield at Cromwell 9 am

10/3 Ellington at Enfield 2 pm

10/10 Tolland at Enfield 2 pm

10/17 Stafford at Enfield 2 pm

10/25 Enfield at Windsor Locks 9 am

11/1 Enfield at Putnam 9 am

Please let me know if you are interested going to one of Daron s games. I would be more than happy to give you the directions to his games. Thanks!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Enfield Ramblers 2009 7 year old/2nd Grade

Daron is very excited about this year. He is a starter quarterback for his mighty mites team age 6,7,8. Daron is doing great so far. Few of new football parents are very impressed with Daron and asked me where did he get that arm? :-) He made some new friends especially Austin who lives down the road. Austin would be a great TE down the road! He has been making nice passes for touchdowns during team scrimmages. He throws to Brett and Shane who are Daron s receivers. He also had some nice touchdown runs. Daron still arrives to practice one hour early to work on his QB drills no matter what. Daron still loves to practices. He just never wants to stop practicing.. Daron is lucky that I am willing to practice with him!!! His first game starts on Sept 13. His QB coach, friends and families will be there to watch Daron play his first game as Starter Quarterback. We are looking forward to watching him play! It should be a fun season!

Doing his QB drills with his Dad before team practice starts.

His team practice with coaches in background.

Daron s first QB lesson with Coach Travis

Daron was nervous meeting Coach Travis after his special relationship with Coach Bowen. It felt weird seeing a new QB coach training Daron because Evan was everything Daron loved. Coach Travis was very out going and made Daron very comfortable. They hit it off right away! Coach Travis enjoyed and loved what he saw from Daron. He told me he could not believe what Daron was showing Travis what he could do. He mentioned that Coach Bowen did a great job training Daron! Coach Travis told me that Daron is probably one of the best quarterbacks in the state of CT for his age! I felt good when I heard those compliments from Coach Travis. Coach Travis told me right away after practice that he would love to train Daron til he graduates from High School. Our goal is to make Daron one of the best quarterbacks in Enfield History! Daron told me right away that he really likes Travis a lot and wanted to see him more for his lessons. I was thrilled to hear that because he seemed very happy to have Travis as his coach. Coach Travis will be training Daron a lot this year with 8 to 10 lessons. Coach Travis told me he will be coming to see Daron s games.. All is good and we are excited to have Travis!

Heres the picture of his first QB lesson with Coach Travis.

2nd Lesson with Coach Travis.

Daron's Last QB lesson with Coach Bowen.

This is very hard to start. Evan Bowen is a wonderful gentleman that Daron looks up to. Daron and I loved all the good times we had together and the drive to Shelton.. It took us 75 minutes every trip to Shelton from Enfield.. Daron and I really enjoyed the rides the last 2 years for his QB lessons. Recently, Coach Bowen moved to Stamford to be closer to his full time job. The drive to Stamford is too much for us so Coach Bowen recommended Daron to see a different QB coach named Travis that lives closer to us especially the drive. It was very important for us to hear that from Evan because he told me that Daron would be in good hands with Coach Travis. Coach Travis is one of the top QB coaches in New England along with Coach Evan. Coach Travis sent his 2 students to NCAA Division 1 colleges recently.

I would like to say something about Evan Bowen. My family wanted to thank you for everything you did for my son to be a great quarterback as he is right now.. Daron is because of you! Daron will never forget you. He will miss you.

Thanks again for everything you did for Daron and I.

Please see Daron s pictures of his last lessons with Coach Bowen!

Daron's QB lessons with Coach Bowen(May/June 2009)

Video of Daron as a Quarterback Year of 2008

Daron s 1st year of his Football Season is over. (2008)

Hello friends and families.

I have been very busy since Daron s football season was over in Nov 08. Sorry for the delayed. I will try my best to update sports news down the road. Daron's football team had a good year. His team finished 2-5-1. Daron played all the games without missing any games. He was a starter for strong safety every game. He made nice tackles. He was a back up quarterback. He took some snaps all season long. He did very very well because it was his first time being a quarterback as 6 year old.. He practiced taking a lot of snaps during practice. He had some nice touchdown runs as a quarterback during practice. His coaches are very excited to have Daron back next year as a starter quarterback because their quarterback is moving to the next level because of his age. One of Daron's coaches told me that they think Daron is a better quarterback than Carter because of his natural for being a qb. Coaches told me that they tried convincing Coach Tom to give Daron more snaps but told me that Coach Tom wanted Carter as a quarterback because he played last year. Daron told me that he really enjoyed playing football this year and wanted to come back. He has been working on his 3 and 5 steps in the basement lately. He also has been playing with his younger brother, Jaxon as his dummy tackle :-) Daron will see his quarterback coach for his lessons in April 09 every weekend. He will be working on taking shotgun snaps and fake handoff while in shotgun. Daron is really looking forward coming back next year. Please enjoy the pictures and video below. Please feel free to post comments!! Daron would like to read it!

Daron as a Quarterback taking snap.

Getting Ready before the game!

Daron playing as a quarterback!

Daron with his proud Daddy after his first game in his Mighty Mites League.

Daron getting ready to hand off the ball to his running back.

Daron playing as a Quarterback.

Daron got SMOKED! He got up quick after that hit. One of my fav picture LOL!

Daron with his good football friend Mason who is 8 year old in the football banquet.

Daron with his Daddy during Football Banquet.

Daron's Update News with Enfield Ramblers (September 2008)

Hello Friends and Families,

It has been a while I update my kids blog... Daron has been very busy practicing with his Enfield Ramblers team every day Monday to Friday during August. Now his team is practicing monday wednesday and friday because of school. I am one of the assistant volunteer coach for Daron's team. Daron is the back up quarterback and safety starter for his team. Daron has not practiced taking reps much because the Coach Tom has been focusing on his starter quarterback, Carter most of the times. Carter is 7 and played last year when he was 6. Daron has impressed the coaches, players families when the team were looking for a back up quarterback this season. He became a back up quarterback automatically after the coaches couldnt believe his skills such as 3 and 5 step throw. Daron won the quarterback competition 3 times beating the starter quarterback. Few of the players families asked the coaches who the kid was after he won the quarterback competition. I will never forget that moment! The following week, Daron struggled taking the snaps and hand offs for the first time when Coach Tom put him in which I expected because it was his first experience taking the reps and hand offs. The head coach told me what Daron needed to work on.

I have been taking Daron to practice early at 5 o clock everyday before his team practice starts at 6. We are the only people there at 5. I have been training and working hard with him. Daron has been improving so much lately with his throws ( he can even throw 20 yards in the air), hand offs and his 3 step throw. Daron has been telling the Coach Tom that he has been working hard with his hand off. Coach was glad to hear that.

Overall, Daron has been enjoying practicing with his team and meeting new friends such as RJ, Cameron, Mason, Wyatt, and Brett. He is playing his first ever football game tomorrow against RHAM at 9 am in the morning. He is very excited and anxious to get out on the field. His jersey number is 14, a quarterback number! :-) Go get em Daron!!!! We all love you! Play hard and you will do well!!!

Heres the picture of Daron s quarterback lessons with his coach, Evan the last 2 months.

Daron's first quarterback lesson with Evan Bowen. (July 2008)

Daron practiced his 5 steps back.

Daron listened to his QB Coach how to throw the ball.

Daron giving the ball to his coach as a running back.

Daron smiling as Evan was explaining to him how to hold the ball when giving to running back.

Daron worked on his 3 steps back throw.

Nice throw Daron!

Daron with his QB Coach, Evan on his first day of QB lesson.

Daron had a blast learning from his quarterback coach, Evan this morning. He was smiling the whole time. Evan taught him how to throw the ball correctly, 3 and 5 steps, and tossing the ball to running back. Evan told me he was very impressed with his athletic skills especially for his age 6 year old.. He said that Daron seems so natural playing as a quarterback and would be a great quarterback down the road. He mentioned that Daron's mighty mites coach would be very thrilled to have him as a quarterback for his team this season. Daron told me he really likes Evan a lot and wants to see him again.

Daron asked me to take him to football field to practice more tonight after dinner. I took Daron and Jaxon to the football field. Daron practiced the drills he learned this morning from his coach. Jaxon was running around the football field with his own football and played with sand too! They had fun! Daron wants to practice on the field every day. I told him I would take him if he behaves and listen to his mother everyday! :-) I guess being a football player is his blood.

Daron will see Evan every Sunday til September. His first practice with Mighty Mites (6 and 7 years old league) Enfield Ramblers starts July 28th.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Daron s first football camp as 6 year old.

Daron playing as a wide receiver.

Daron playing defense.

He just finished participating New York Giants Youth Football Camp (June 21-26) He met former New York Giants players at the camp. He wants to do it again next year. He had a great time and learned so much how to play football especially being as a quarterback. He felt in love playing as a quarterback. The coaches at the Giants Camp said he has a beautiful spirtual football throw. He signed up to play for Enfield Ramblers this season for Mighty Mites League for age 6-7 years old. They play with helmet and pads. Daron asked me to teach him more tips how to play as a quarterback. I never play football in my life so I am sending Daron a private lesson with Evan Bowen who is a great quarterback coach, in Shelton, CT. Evan is the founder of Elite Passing Academy. He was a very successful quarterback all his life. Bowen was all state quarterback in state of Connecticut when he was younger. Bowen started to learn how to play quarterback at age 7. Evan will teach Daron FIVE one on one lessons in July before he starts first day of practice with Enfield Ramblers Mighty Mites on July 28th. Daron is very thrilled to work with Evan.