Monday, October 4, 2010

Lets show some love visiting Daron s team new web site Manchester Sentinals!

President of Manchester Sentinals, David Mencarini created a new web site for Manchester Sentinals. It is a beautiful web site with lots of info, pictures and videos. Feel free to stop by to visit the site and look at the pictures of D3 Junior Pee Wee Team (Darons 9 years old Team) Also there is a community forum for you to join if you like to talk about Manchester Sentinals or any football news you may like to share with us!

The link is


Daron's Highlights vs Worcester, MA 10/3/10

Friday, October 1, 2010

QBWeekly Magazine did a story about young QB Daron Bryden!

Picture of Daron playing on!

QBWeekly Magazine out of California wrote a nice article about Daron and his private Quarterback Coach, Travis Meyer last week. It was a honor for them to pick Daron when they talked about "Coaching Youth Quarterbacks" They also put a picture of Daron on their home page of their web site as well! Their link is

Also QBWeekly selected Daron as one of their pictures called "QB's with Style"

QBWeekly Editor said, "Big D! I like how you are keeping your eyes down field! Going to be a big time talent!"

Daron s Team/Stats Updates

2010 D3 Junior Pee Wee Team ( 9 year olds team for Central Mass Pop Warner League)

Hello everyone,

Daron s team is doing good. Their overall record is 2-2 right now. They have been playing against Junior Pee Wee teams that are 9-10-11 years old. We are a D3 team which means we are only 9 year old team with only two 8 year old players including Daron. The results of the last 4 games we played:

Springfield 0 Manchester 6
Blackstone Valley 14 Manchester 12
Boston 26 Manchester 6
Grafton 0 Manchester 6

Daron s stats: Passing: 7/19 96 yards total 1 Touchdown pass (9 yards on 4th down) 1 interception. Rushing: 3 carries 11 yards total.

We play against undefeated Worcester team this Sunday at 9 am! Hope we can upset them!!