Sunday, February 27, 2011

Daron was on ESPN on Friday night! 2/25/11

It was a dream come true for me to see Daron on ESPNews! The segment was "No, he didnt" They talked about UConn QB, Johnny McEntee, Monmouth QB Alex Tanney then 8 year old Daron Bryden trick shots!!! I couldnt believe that ESPN spoke about Daron! The worst part is I missed it and didnt even see it on TV but Daron s friends and families saw him on ESPN! Good News is I will be getting the footage from the ESPN!!! WHEW!!!!

Xenith Helmet invited Daron and his father to visit their office!

Last Thursday Daron and his father took a ride to visit Xenith Headquarter in Lowell, MA. Daron had a great time! He was very impressed the way Xenith helmet felt inside his head! The staff, Hillary Rose and Morgan Steir were great to Daron. He felt comfortable there and chatting with them. He also checked out a lot of cool Xenith Helmets there! They measured his head and everything. Daron is very excited to have a helmet that fits his head size! Daron is the proud newest Xenith Member to be wearing their helmet this coming season!

Daron and Dad holding Cleveland Browns Josh Cribbs Xenith Helmet Autographed!

Daron s interview with Fox CT News on 2/25/11

3 TV interviews in 1 week for Daron! Fox CT News came to our house for Daron s interview! It was a great interview. Daron was interviewed in the basement with his Enfield Ramblers/Manchester Sentinals football pictures on the wall and Manchester Sentinals Helmet behind him! Fox CT News Reporter, Jim Altman was a great guy and enjoyed getting to know him!

Darons two teammates, Tahjee and Marcellus, Manchester Sentinals President David Mencarini was part of the interview! Daron s father s good friend, Hector Carrion was the interpreter helping his father to understand what was going on during the interview! Thank you Hector!

Thank you Fox CT News for interviewing Daron!

Enjoy watching the TV Story about Daron Bryden! copy and paste --->

Daron being interviewed by Fox CT News Report Jim Altman!

Manchester Sentinals President, David Mencarini being interviewed!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 selected Daron as Athlete of the Month for Feburary 2011!

Congrats to Daron! That is a wonderful achievement! We are so proud of Daron. He is a hard working kid and still have the laid back and humbled attitude!!! The article will be posted on Feb. 28, 2011. Enjoy the article!

New England Cable News Comcast TV Story!!

It was a great story. It was aired all over New England! My friends in Boston and Maine saw him on TV! Great Job Story! Thanks to Brian Burnell! He interviewed Daron!

Copy and paste this link -->

Enjoy the story! Listen to the last part what Brian Burnell said! That was my favorite quote all time! LOL

NBC 30 Connecticut TV Story about Daron Bryden

Enjoy the story! Copy and paste this link ---> It is a great Video! Travis Meyer, Daron 5 Star Quarterback Coach and I were in the story too! Doug Greene NBC Reporter interviewed Daron! He was a great day! Love the last part what Doug did about my Steelers jacket! =)

NBC 30 Connecticut Article

NBC 30 Article on Feb. 18, 2011

"8 year Old Shows UCONN QB He Can Do Tricks Too"

New Haven Register Article 2/18/11

Video Spotlight "Conn. Boy, 8, Mimics UConn QB Trick Shot Video"

Connecticut and New England Media have been all over Daron lately!!!

We are living our dreams! It has been crazy the last 5 days! It started last Thursday at American School for the Deaf Gym where Daron, and myself were doing QB training that night. After 2 hours of QB training, I asked Daron if he wanted to do some trick shots to post the video on facebook and twitter. He said "Sure why not?" He ended up doing 3 trick shots in total 15 minutes (Hoop, sneaker, 30 yards bucket) He was exhausted and had to go home to do his homework before his bedtime. I ended up edit/cut the trick shots highlights and posted it on youtube, twitter and facebook that night! All of a sudden I was getting all the twitter mentions, e mails and phone calls the next day!!!! Even Good Morning America e mailed me on Saturday and Sunday asking for permission to use his video. (havent heard from them since) New Haven Register was the first newspaper to mention about Daron s trick shots video and posted it in the web site then did a nice story about Daron s trick shots and how NFL players were talking about his shots! did an article as well. Few other web sites also copied the stories as well! Then yesterday NBC Connecticut TV News called me last minute because they wanted to do a TV Story about Daron Bryden with me and his coach Travis Meyer. Once we were done airing another TV Station from New England Cable News called and wanted to a story about Daron too! We had two TV interviews in one day yesterday!!!! We had a lot of people retweeting his trick shots videos on twitter! Now his video have over 2,900 views! It is a day we will never forget especially Daron! He loved every minute of it!! He is only 8 years old WOW! Today he asked me to bring him to the gym to work out! He never stops practicing he just wants to get BETTER and BETTER!