Thursday, December 22, 2011

Getting ready for Offense-Defense Youth All American Bowl next week!

Daron put his quarterback equipment yesterday on the kitchen table to wear his All American colors! He is bringing his QB MVP medal (Age 9-10) that he won at Long Island Camp for good luck! He cant wait to meet his new teammates and new friends as well as meeting his new coaches! He is looking forward seeing Offense Defense Recruiting Specialist, Milow Weems again. He was great to Daron when we were at the camp! We were told that Terrell Owens will be at the Bowl! We cant wait to meet him and other NFL players.

Few of the QB coaches contacted us that they will be coming to the bowl to watch Daron play QB. It is great to have coaches, and fans coming to watch Daron. Daron is looking forward throwing few TD passes to his new wide receivers. I know wide receivers are going to love catching his passes but I have to warn them to be ready because he throws hard! =)

Good News for Daron's coaches, friends and fans! You can watch Daron play LIVE! The link is I will keep you posted when he will be playing on his facebook fan page, twitter @DaronQB or check here!

Good Luck Daron and go get em!!!! came to Mass to interview Daron!

Jeff and Vin Co Founder of drove to Massachusetts from New Jersey to interview Daron, his QB Coach Todd Krueger and watched him do QB training last weekend. Jeff and Vin immediately gave Daron his Youth Football Online T Shirt when they arrived. Daron was their first All Star Player selection! It was an awesome honor for Daron to be picked first with thousands of youth football players in the country! It was great meeting Jeff and Vin. We wish we had more time to chat and go out for lunch after the training but Daron had to go home because of his team football banquet. Next time Jeff and Vin! Syracuse QB Charley Loeb finally met Daron for the first time. He was happy to meet him. Charley couldnt believe how good Daron was! He said that Daron throws like a mini NFL quarterback! Charley was kind enough to invite us to watch him play next year at Syracuse if we like.

Enjoy the pictures!

Vin and Jeff from with Daron during his QB training

Vin from interviewed Daron

Jeff from interviewed Daron' s QB Coach Todd Krueger

QB Roll Out Drill

Daron was doing his roll out drill!

Syracuse QB Charley Loeb and Daron

Video of Daron was doing his QB training to get ready for O-D Youth Bowl!

Check out the video of Daron was doing his QB training last week and he spoke about Offense Defense Youth All American Bowl! Jason Shilati was his wide receiver.