Saturday, June 12, 2010

Daron watched UFL Hartford Colonials Quarterbacks today.

Daron throwing to Colonials QB, Ryan Perrilloux after the practice.

Daron went to Sage Park in Berlin to watch UFL new team Hartford Colonials practice today during mini camp. He met few players and had some pictures taken.. He met Andre Woodson the Former Giants/Kentucky QB. He also met Ryan Perrilloux the former LSU QB. He played catches with Woodson and Perrilloux. Perrilloux and Woodson was very impressed with Daron s throws. Perrilloux told Daron that he was very impressed with him and going to have a bright future if he keeps up the good work. He was shocked that he was only 8 years old! Daron also saw Colonials Tight End, Ronnie Ghent again. He met Ronnie last year at the UFL game when he gave him his gloves. It was nice seeing Ronnie again.. Ronnie Ghent and Ryan Perrilloux are coming to one of Daron s game and watch him perform in September when they come back in August to start practice before UFL season starts. Daron is going to be thrilled to have them coming to see him play for Manchester Sentinals!

Daron and Former LSU QB, Ryan Perrilloux

Daron and Former NFL Giants/Kentucky QB, Andre Woodson

Daron with Former Saints/Louisville TE, Ronnie Ghent

Daron with Former UConn RB star, Andre Dixon

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Future was in the Enfield Press newspaper today!

Enfield Press Newspaper 6/9/10

Daron s mouth was wide open when I showed him the newspaper today after work. He was very happy and excited to see himself in the newspaper. It was a great article. I bought 20 copies for my friends, coaches and families. Please let me know if you would like to have one.

Daron Bryden is playing for Manchester Sentinals this season!

Daron Bryden wont be wearing the Ramblers uniform this year after leading his Ramblers team 6-2 record last year as his first year of starting quarterback. Manchester Sentinals, Tri Town Patriots and few other teams in New Haven areas were after Daron hard. We met with all the coaches including Ramblers coaches. At the end, we were very impressed with Manchester President, Dave Mencarini and Daron felt connected with Dave and his new Head Coach, Victor McKenzie right away. Daron decided to play for Sentinals instead of Tri Town Patriots. Daron can not wait to put the Sentinals uniform on and help his Mighty Mites team this season. The age for his Mighty Mites is 7,8, and 9. Dave Mencarini said he is thrilled to have Daron on the team and is a great addition for our league! "For just turning eight, it looks like he is a good four or five years ahead of the curve and he could definitely hold his own wirh 12 or 13 year olds" said Mencarini. Daron s Head Coach McKenzie said that his team would be dangerous with Daron as a Quarterback and looking forward to a big season for the Mighty Mites Sentinals! "Daron is a real hard worker, he strives to be the best... And what I like about him most is that he is a leader, he talks to his teammates and being that young with that attitude, Daron is going to be a great QB (The Future)", said McKenzie. McKenzie s brother, Kory Sheets plays running back for NFL Miami Dolphins.

The Future with his Head Coach McKenzie.

Daron impressed Steve Clarkson's coaches during QB Dreammaker Tour at NYC!

Coaches loved what he showed them roll out pass!

Daron had a great time showing his quarterback skills to Steve Clarkson s coaches. Daron was one of 4 2nd graders to be invited in the tour in the country. One of Steve Clarkson s coaches named Angelo Gasca told me that Daron s skills were beautiful and impressed that he was only 8 and 2nd grade. Angelo said he was the best 8 year old QBs he saw this year and was very excited for his future. Angelo coached JP Losman of Buffalo Bills and Perry Kelin of Atlanta Falcons. One of other Clarkson s coaches, Tim Kaub was very impressed and said that Daron has all the tools and needs to keep working on it what he has been doing. He loved what Daron showed him. Chris Dubek, Clarkson s Director of Players Personnel said that Daron is the reason why we coach. Dubek said, "Daron is always looking up to you, waiting to get coached by you. He embraces everything and as a young man for his age, he brings to the table a skill set and coachability other athletes at his age level are not supposed to have. That what makes him special!" Clarkson s coaches are looking forward to seeing him again in the Youth National next year. Daron ended up being one of the top quarterbacks at Clarkson s Tour in NYC as a 2nd grader!

Getting reading for his 2nd QB Competition this year!

Proud 5 Star Quarterback displaying his 5 Star Shirt at Clarkson s QB Dreammaker Tour at Columbia University, NY!

Angelo and Chris were impressed with his step drops.

Working on his play action pass play!

Youth Group watching Daron displaying his 3 steps drop.

Firing the ball!

Chris Dubek, Clarksons Player Personnel Director

One of Clarkson s coaches, Tim Kaub

One of Clarkson s coaches, Angelo Gasca