Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Daron impressed Steve Clarkson's coaches during QB Dreammaker Tour at NYC!

Coaches loved what he showed them roll out pass!

Daron had a great time showing his quarterback skills to Steve Clarkson s coaches. Daron was one of 4 2nd graders to be invited in the tour in the country. One of Steve Clarkson s coaches named Angelo Gasca told me that Daron s skills were beautiful and impressed that he was only 8 and 2nd grade. Angelo said he was the best 8 year old QBs he saw this year and was very excited for his future. Angelo coached JP Losman of Buffalo Bills and Perry Kelin of Atlanta Falcons. One of other Clarkson s coaches, Tim Kaub was very impressed and said that Daron has all the tools and needs to keep working on it what he has been doing. He loved what Daron showed him. Chris Dubek, Clarkson s Director of Players Personnel said that Daron is the reason why we coach. Dubek said, "Daron is always looking up to you, waiting to get coached by you. He embraces everything and as a young man for his age, he brings to the table a skill set and coachability other athletes at his age level are not supposed to have. That what makes him special!" Clarkson s coaches are looking forward to seeing him again in the Youth National next year. Daron ended up being one of the top quarterbacks at Clarkson s Tour in NYC as a 2nd grader!

Getting reading for his 2nd QB Competition this year!

Proud 5 Star Quarterback displaying his 5 Star Shirt at Clarkson s QB Dreammaker Tour at Columbia University, NY!

Angelo and Chris were impressed with his step drops.

Working on his play action pass play!

Youth Group watching Daron displaying his 3 steps drop.

Firing the ball!

Chris Dubek, Clarksons Player Personnel Director

One of Clarkson s coaches, Tim Kaub

One of Clarkson s coaches, Angelo Gasca

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