Saturday, June 12, 2010

Daron watched UFL Hartford Colonials Quarterbacks today.

Daron throwing to Colonials QB, Ryan Perrilloux after the practice.

Daron went to Sage Park in Berlin to watch UFL new team Hartford Colonials practice today during mini camp. He met few players and had some pictures taken.. He met Andre Woodson the Former Giants/Kentucky QB. He also met Ryan Perrilloux the former LSU QB. He played catches with Woodson and Perrilloux. Perrilloux and Woodson was very impressed with Daron s throws. Perrilloux told Daron that he was very impressed with him and going to have a bright future if he keeps up the good work. He was shocked that he was only 8 years old! Daron also saw Colonials Tight End, Ronnie Ghent again. He met Ronnie last year at the UFL game when he gave him his gloves. It was nice seeing Ronnie again.. Ronnie Ghent and Ryan Perrilloux are coming to one of Daron s game and watch him perform in September when they come back in August to start practice before UFL season starts. Daron is going to be thrilled to have them coming to see him play for Manchester Sentinals!

Daron and Former LSU QB, Ryan Perrilloux

Daron and Former NFL Giants/Kentucky QB, Andre Woodson

Daron with Former Saints/Louisville TE, Ronnie Ghent

Daron with Former UConn RB star, Andre Dixon

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