Thursday, July 22, 2010

"The Future" won the 2nd Best Quarterback Overall from Grade 2nd to Grade 8th!

Daron getting his 2nd place award!

"The Future" (age 8 and will be 3rd grade this fall) participated 2nd Five Star QB/WR Skills Competition at Central Connecticut State University for Grade 2nd to Grade 8th last weekend. The camp was on Good Morning America on ABC the next day! Daron brought his 2 wide receivers from his team, Manchester Sentinals to the camp with him. Few of Manchester coaches came to support their players! It was nice to see them supporting Daron and his wide receivers as well! Over 40 Quarterbacks were at the camp. Daron s wide receivers Marcellus Mencarini and Wesley Allison did a great job. They had great speed and hands! Daron is very excited to be playing with them soon! Wesley is going to be a "sleeper" in his pop warner league with his speed. Marcellus was the top 10 finalists for the wide receivers competition while Daron was the 2nd best QB at the competition! I am so proud of him. Daron can not wait to play and help his Manchester Sentinals this season! His team starts practice on August 2nd and will play scrimmage games against Newington and Hartford in August... Let me know if you want to see his games.. He will be starting QB doing a lot under center and shot gun plays. His Head Coach is designing a lot of plays for Daron to pass or rush.

By the way Steve Clarkson s team invited Daron to go to his QB Elite Camp this summer in California but we had to pass this time. They will invite Daron next Spring as they are keeping radar on him. His team has been in touch with me via facebook to see how Daron is doing. They are very impressed with him and his coach Travis.

Proud Manchester Sentinals Coaches and Players!

Daron s wide receivers Marcellus and Wesley!

DJ Hernandez, Former UConn Quarterback/Wide Receiver with Daron.

Daron and his QB Coach, Travis.

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