Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Daron continues to impress his Sentinals coaches every day!

Daron and his younger brother, Jaxon who is 5. Jaxon plays for Tiny Mites Sentinals team for age 5 and 6!

Daron doing his QB drills to get ready for his first ever Sentinals practice at Enfield High School football field last week.

Daron is doing a great job so far. He was supposed to start his season playing with the Mighty Mites Team for age 7-8-9 as 8 year old Starting QB but the coaches moved him up to play with Junior Pee Wee team for age 9 only because the competition wasnt there for Daron to play with the Mighty Mites team. Now Daron is the Starting QB for his Junior Pee Wee team. The players were surprised to see Daron on the team but respects him now after seeing what he could do. The players are starting to follow him and talk with him to get to know him. A lot of his teammates tell him now that he s a great quarterback. The Junior Pee Wee coaches are making Daron teach his back up quarterback who is 9 year old with his skills. He is getting all the reps lately. I am so proud of Daron and his Quarterback Coach Travis was at his practice yesterday supporting Daron. My wife and I feel so fortunate that Daron has a Great Quarterback Coach who cares about Daron!!! Daron loves Travis. He told me he would like to put Travis s name on his eye blacks "Travis Meyer" for one of his games. By the way at the end of practice today, coaches made the players run around the field before they go home, Daron blew all the kids away and finished 1st and 2nd kid was like 15 yards away from Daron! He continues to amaze me every day! I am so exciting about this season as his coaches told Manchester Sentinals President that they are fortunate to have Daron as their Starting QB on the team this year!!!

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