Monday, September 6, 2010

Daron won his first game of the season for Manchester Sentinals!

The Future....

Hello families and friends,

The season has arrived!!! 2 days ago, Daron played his first ever pop warner game for the Manchester Sentinals at Springfield Ma.. We played against tough Springfield team. Daron was nervous before the game because he had to call the plays by himself to his teammates in the huddle (he had his coach calling the plays in the huddle the last 2 years) and he is a starting quarterback as age 8 for 9 year old team! In the first half he and his center fumbled few snaps and threw 2 bad screen passes. The coaches told him to settle down and RELAX!!! Daron was frustrated and I went up to him in halftime to keep his head up and forget about the first half and have fun in the 2nd half and show them what you could do!!! Daron played awesome in the 2nd half. He kept his composure and made a lot of nice handoffs to his running backs and threw a nice rollout 20 yard pass to one of his wide receivers Logan but the play was called back because of the penalty. Daron also threw another nice 4 passes that hit the wide receivers hands but they all dropped the passes. He ended up 0-6 for passing. Daron s running back scored on 17 yards rushing in the fourth quarter and his defense made nice stop at the end of the game to win the game! Final Score 6-0 WHAT A GAME!!! Daron s coaches were so proud of Daron and told me after the game that he threw the ball beautiful like bullets in the 2nd half that should have been caught and ran for touchdowns!!! The coaches told Daron that his wide receivers need to work more on catching the ball from Daron so they will plan on working more on that tomorrow s practice.

I am so proud of Daron because he did very well being a leader on the field and getting his team together. Daron loves his new team and teammates as well.. He told me that he is very happy to be playing for the Manchester Sentinals because he loves his new coaches. SO far his overall record is 7-2 as a starting quarterback for the last 2 years! (Enfield Ramblers 6-2 and Manchester Sentinals 1-0)

Stay Focus and Go Hard!

Daron getting ready to throw one of his favorite wide receivers Logan who is 8 as well!

His teammate who they call him "Killer Cam" running along with Daron in case he pitch the option pass to him but he threw to a wide receiver instead, He had the option to pitch, run or pass for that play!

Daron walking off the field with a VICTORY!

Daron with his Head Coach King.

Daron with one of his assistant coaches, Nate.

Daron s beautiful family!

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