Thursday, December 22, 2011

Getting ready for Offense-Defense Youth All American Bowl next week!

Daron put his quarterback equipment yesterday on the kitchen table to wear his All American colors! He is bringing his QB MVP medal (Age 9-10) that he won at Long Island Camp for good luck! He cant wait to meet his new teammates and new friends as well as meeting his new coaches! He is looking forward seeing Offense Defense Recruiting Specialist, Milow Weems again. He was great to Daron when we were at the camp! We were told that Terrell Owens will be at the Bowl! We cant wait to meet him and other NFL players.

Few of the QB coaches contacted us that they will be coming to the bowl to watch Daron play QB. It is great to have coaches, and fans coming to watch Daron. Daron is looking forward throwing few TD passes to his new wide receivers. I know wide receivers are going to love catching his passes but I have to warn them to be ready because he throws hard! =)

Good News for Daron's coaches, friends and fans! You can watch Daron play LIVE! The link is I will keep you posted when he will be playing on his facebook fan page, twitter @DaronQB or check here!

Good Luck Daron and go get em!!!! came to Mass to interview Daron!

Jeff and Vin Co Founder of drove to Massachusetts from New Jersey to interview Daron, his QB Coach Todd Krueger and watched him do QB training last weekend. Jeff and Vin immediately gave Daron his Youth Football Online T Shirt when they arrived. Daron was their first All Star Player selection! It was an awesome honor for Daron to be picked first with thousands of youth football players in the country! It was great meeting Jeff and Vin. We wish we had more time to chat and go out for lunch after the training but Daron had to go home because of his team football banquet. Next time Jeff and Vin! Syracuse QB Charley Loeb finally met Daron for the first time. He was happy to meet him. Charley couldnt believe how good Daron was! He said that Daron throws like a mini NFL quarterback! Charley was kind enough to invite us to watch him play next year at Syracuse if we like.

Enjoy the pictures!

Vin and Jeff from with Daron during his QB training

Vin from interviewed Daron

Jeff from interviewed Daron' s QB Coach Todd Krueger

QB Roll Out Drill

Daron was doing his roll out drill!

Syracuse QB Charley Loeb and Daron

Video of Daron was doing his QB training to get ready for O-D Youth Bowl!

Check out the video of Daron was doing his QB training last week and he spoke about Offense Defense Youth All American Bowl! Jason Shilati was his wide receiver.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Former NFL QB, Kordell Stewart invited Daron to play catch at the ESPN!

Kordell Stewart will be playing catch with Daron at the ESPN soon. Stay tuned! Daron is very excited to meet Kordell because I told him that he was my favorite Steelers Quarterback and used to play for my favorite college team Colorado Buffaloes! It is going to be an awesome day for Daron to remember!

Highlight Video of Daron's 2011 Junior Pee Wee Season!

Check out Daron's highlight video of his season! Former Steelers Quarterback Kordell Stewart saw the video! "Daron is the man fa real. Accurate, good technique, can take a hit. That's awesome..the red team was getting after him and still delivered. That's just the beginning for Daron. Tell him I said keep it going. Go DB go!" said Kordell Stewart.

Also Mike Hill, ESPN Anchor saw the video as well. "Daron's NINE?? Very impressive. Throws just as good on the move as in the pocket. Be seeing him soon!" said Mike Hill.

"I love him... I look foward to following him. I think I'm looking at a 2013 & 2014 Junior Academic All-American . Tell him keep up the great work!" said Bret Cooper, VP of Scouting and Preparatory School Recruiting

Friday, October 28, 2011

Daron Bryden vs Oregon QB Darron Thomas Throwing Mechanics!

Daron s favorite college quarterback is Darron Thomas from University of Oregon! Darron and Daron almost have exact same first name! Check out the picture of their throwing mechanics! posted this picture of Daron/Darron throwing mechanics on their facebook page wall! "For those of you that think you have to be an "All Star" in high school before you start connecting with college coaches...... Check out Daron Bryden, a grade school Quarterback using to showcase what he's about and where he wants to go! Believe it or not, college coaches "are" paying attention! Great Job Daron!" said

Jerome Dyson Former UConn Basketball Player came to watch Daron play!

Jerome Dyson surprised Daron by showing up to one of his home games to watch him play! He drove from Boston that day to watch Daron play. Jerome loved what Daron did. He was impressed with him. They chatted for a while after the game. It was so cool for Jerome to show up! Daron will never forget.

Daron's JPW Division 1 Regular Season Results

Daron's Junior Pee Wee Division 1 Season finished 4-4 and # 3 seed for the Super Bowl Bracket! It was an up and down season for the team. We had a tough start then won 3 straight games then lost the last 2 games of the season to # 2 and # 1 seed teams. Daron had a learning experience running no huddle offense, and spread/shotgun offense as it was his first time running the shotgun offense. He got stronger as the season went on. His regular season passing stats are: 36/68 502 Passing Yards, 2 TDs, 5 (2 PTS Pass Conversion), 9 INTS, 10 dropped passes. All the opponent coaches were so impressed with him running the spread offense as a 9 year old QB. Few of the coaches said he was the Best QB they never saw in the JPW league. After the away games, Daron had fans, coaches or player s parents coming to him after the games. They mentioned that they saw him on ESPN, internet, YouTube or HDNet TV story about him.

I asked Daron what he think of his new head coach Aaron this season. "Coach Aaron is my favorite coach I had since I started playing football at age 6. He has a lot of confidence in me because we pass a lot this season. He set up a perfect offense system for me to pass to my wide receivers which is the spread offense" said Daron

1st Round Super Bowl Playoff Game is on Oct. 30 against South County, MA at Manchester, CT. The game time is 11 am.

Enjoy the pictures that Talcott Photo took some nice shots of Daron playing against Chicopee, MA.

Daron was doing his pre game warm ups.

Daron and his good friend Marcellus Mencarini who is 11 years old and a 6th grader.

Daron nailed 20 yards streak pass!

Daron and his Sentinals wide receivers group!

Daron was listening to Head Coach Aaron!

The Future was staying focus!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

ESPN posted HDNet video of Daron in their website today!

Awesome stuff from ESPN!

HDNet made an awesome TV Story about QB Phenom, Daron Bryden!

It will be airing next week one of the mornings. I will post the times and dates on twitter, , or come back here again next week. HDNet gave me the clip for me to download on Daron s YouTube Channel! Many thanks to HDNet for contacting me out of blue to do a story about Daron Bryden! Daron will never forget this day he was being filmed all day from 8 30 am to 7 30 pm! Enjoy the show and feel free to post comments for Daron to read!

Offense - Defense Youth All American Bowl Game at Cowboys Stadium, Dallas, TX!

The past years O-D Youth All American Bowl Games were in Myrtle Beach, SC. This year it will be played at new Dallas Cowboys Football Stadium! Daron is stroked playing on the NFL field on Dec. 30, 2011. He will be starting QB for the East team vs West team for age 9-10. Daron is currently in 4th grade and 9 year old! An awesome accomplishment for Daron to be picked to play! Good Luck Daron!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First game of the season was tough!

We got beat by Worcester Vikings. They were the defending champion of JPW D1 last year. We were the defending champion of JPW D2 last year. Central Mass Pop Warner voted and moved Manchester to D1 instead staying in D2. Worcester is a great team and great speed. We got shut out badly. Daron was being chased all day long and went for 4-15 passes for 32 yards. 6 dropped passes from his wide receivers and 5 bad passes from Daron (passes were either high or low) The team is looking forward to rebound back against Shrewbury, MA this Sunday at 12 pm! The game will be at Manchester, CT. Manchester Sentinals Record 0-1

Jamboree Game Day against Springfield, MA

We won the Jamboree game 6-0. The weather was so bad! It poured so hard and we could not even see the players that great from the sidelines! Daron competed 3-4 passes for 37 yards total. He had a 45 yards touchdown pass but was waived due to penalty!

Check out the QB Training video with his QB coach, Todd Krueger!

Enfield Reminder News wrote an article about "Youth Phenom"

Great article. They came to Enfield HS Football field to take some photos of Daron and interviewed him there for an hour! It was a great interview! Here is the link for you to read the article!

Enfield Press Newspaper wrote a brief article.

Enfield Press Newspaper wrote a story about Daron last year and again they wrote a brief article about Daron making the Offense Defense Youth All American Bowl Game at the end of the year. Check it out and click the picture to read the article! Enjoy!

HDNet came to film Daron on August 16th, 2011!

HDNet TV Station from Colorado came to film Daron all day from 9 am to 7 30 pm! Daron had a great time. He will never forget that day. They filmed Daron at Enfield High School football field while his QB coach Todd Krueger was training him with his two wide receivers Logan and Joey. After that, they went to St Bernard School to film Daron to do some trick shots for an hour in the gym. After that they came to Daron s house to film his trophies room and Daron and his father playing Madden game on XBox 360! Last, they came to Manchester to film Daron and his teammates during football practice. His teammates enjoyed being in the spotlight! It will air on HDNet at the end of the month. I will keep you posted! Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Sports Department did an article about Daron Bryden

Please copy and paste this link to read a short article about Daron Bryden.

QB MVP and selected to play in O-D Youth All American Bowl in South Carolina!

Proud Daron!
Daron and his team Coach Dalton
Daron and his favorite wide receiver who was MVP WR at camp, Louis on his team
Daron and Coach Weems

Daron came to camp with a fire! He wanted to come back and show em what he got there after a disappointing QB competition in Ohio. Daron won the Best QB 9-10 Award and Peyton Manning Award for Best Youth QB at the camp! He also got an invitation to play in the Offense Defense Youth All American Bowl Game in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on Jan 2, 2012! Coaches there were very impressed with him and said he s going to have an awesome future. He was selected the first QB for his team. His team won the Super Bowl Game on the last day of camp. He will play for East team as a QB! Daron had a great time at the camp. It was his first full contact camp with helmets and pads on! He made some new friends that he will keep in touch with. He is looking forward seeing some of his friends in SC again. He will be back playing Offense Defense Full Contact Camp again next year!

Daron is featured in the Youth Football Illrustrated Magazine (August 2011)

XBox 360 Cover!
Topps Rookie Card LOL
Daron is on page 6 and page 12. Check him out and there is an article about him. Thanks to for selecting Daron to be featured in the magazine for the month of August 2011. Here is the link for you to copy and paste. Enjoy the magazine! http://mag.youthfootballillust​​tml

Duel of the Dozens National QB Competition in Canton, Ohio!

Daddy supporting Daron after the QB Competition
Daddy and Daron at the Football Hall of Fame
Daddy and Daron at Univ of Kent State Football Stadium
Daddy and his mom at Univ of Akron Football Stadium
Daron with his father and mother at Cleveland Browns Stadium

Daron s mom made the trip with me and Daron for the first time to see him participated in QB competition. Daron was glad to see some of the QB coaches again when they met them at Las Vegas last year, Daron was making noises with his footwork and throwing mechanics during morning work out before the competition started at 4 later in the afternoon. Daron was the youngest QB to be invited! That s a great honor to have. Bad news was Daron was called first to do gauntlet QB competition. He didnt know exactly what he needed to do to make the final four or how the competition worked. Daron missed targets by inches and didnt know where to run as coaches guided him when he needed to go while he was doing the gauntlet competition. There were 25 kids before Daron. Daron didnt make the final four as he was very disappointed. It was the first QB competition he lost since he was 7! I told Daron that all QB have great and bad days. I told him that it s a good learning experience for him and he needed to keep his head up because we are still very proud of Daron no matter what! Great Job Daron youll get em back next year!

We toured Football Hall of Fame, University of Akron Football Stadium, Kent State Football Stadium and Cleveland Browns Stadium the next year! We all had a great time together. We will never forget the trip we had!