Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2012 Manchester Sentinals JPW Central Mass Pop Warner South Division Champions!

Darons team finished the regular season 7-1 Record after an disappointing loss to a very good team Worcester Vikings. After the opening game loss Sentinals went on to win the next 7 games! They clinched South Division Champions and # 1 seed for D1 JPW South Division. Daron is having an amazing season. We are so proud of him. His wide receivers have been awesome! His next game is playoff against Winchendon at Holden, MA at 6 pm on November 1st! Come and support Daron and the Sentinals! His passing stats:(8 Games Total) 43/71 61% Completions 725 Total Passing Yards 11 TD passes 8 2 point conversion pass 2 INTs

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Daron threw 3 TD's Pass against Springfield, MA!

Daron was listening to his dad's motivation speech!
Daron played the best game of his life last Sunday against Springfield, MA. Springfield is one of the top teams in the Central Mass Pop Warner league for Junior Pee Wee Division! Daron s offense ran the ball a lot in the first half and it was not going any where because Springfield rush defense was very good. So coach made some changes and went with the passing offense. Springfield then changed to passing defense such as cover 2. They could not stop Daron and his wide receivers. AJ, Logan, Derek and Aiden made a lot of great catches! We were down 6-0 in the first quarter. We ended up winning the game 25-6! Defense did a great job as well as offense linemen did with blocking for Daron to pass! Our record is 4-1 with 4 games winning streak! We are in 1st place in our division! Go Sentinals! Daron Passing Stats: 9-12 142 total passing yards, 3 TD passes and 1 2 points conversion pass.
Daron was warming up before his big game against Springfield, MA
Daron and one of his best friends on his team, Aiden O'Brien

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sentinals JPW is tied for 1st Place in the South Division of Central Mass Pop Warner League!

Manchester Sentinals had a tough opening loss against last year league champion Worcester Vikings at home. Then Sentinals made some adjustments and won 3 straight games! Sentinals defense has been outstanding the last 3 games! Daron threw 5 TD passes during 3 games winning streak. Against Chicopee he only played 1.5 quarters in the game because we had a 28-0 lead. Now we are in tied for first place with South County in the South Division of Central Mass Pop Warner League. We have game this Sunday against good Springfield Massachusetts team at noon. Come and Support! Go Sentinals! 1st Half of Season Stats: Junior Pee Wee Record: 3-1 1st Place South Division of CMPWL Worcester, MA 4-12 24 total passing yards and 1 INT (L) Blackstone Valley, MA 4-5 102 total passing yards 1 TD Pass n 1 Pts Pass Conversion (W) Chicopee, MA 3-4 70 total passing yards 2 TD passes 1 carry for 12 yards (W) (Only played 1.5 quarters in the first half) East Providence, RI 4-9 113 total passing yards 2 TD Passes 1 carry for 8 yards (W) (Played in pouring rain condition)
Daron's family after the East Providence game.

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Daron threw 35 yards TD Pass to one of his wide receivers, Logan Tomlinson against East Providence Jr Townies at East Providence in the rain!

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