Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Daron threw 3 TD's Pass against Springfield, MA!

Daron was listening to his dad's motivation speech!
Daron played the best game of his life last Sunday against Springfield, MA. Springfield is one of the top teams in the Central Mass Pop Warner league for Junior Pee Wee Division! Daron s offense ran the ball a lot in the first half and it was not going any where because Springfield rush defense was very good. So coach made some changes and went with the passing offense. Springfield then changed to passing defense such as cover 2. They could not stop Daron and his wide receivers. AJ, Logan, Derek and Aiden made a lot of great catches! We were down 6-0 in the first quarter. We ended up winning the game 25-6! Defense did a great job as well as offense linemen did with blocking for Daron to pass! Our record is 4-1 with 4 games winning streak! We are in 1st place in our division! Go Sentinals! Daron Passing Stats: 9-12 142 total passing yards, 3 TD passes and 1 2 points conversion pass.
Daron was warming up before his big game against Springfield, MA
Daron and one of his best friends on his team, Aiden O'Brien

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