Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Daron s first QB lesson with Coach Travis

Daron was nervous meeting Coach Travis after his special relationship with Coach Bowen. It felt weird seeing a new QB coach training Daron because Evan was everything Daron loved. Coach Travis was very out going and made Daron very comfortable. They hit it off right away! Coach Travis enjoyed and loved what he saw from Daron. He told me he could not believe what Daron was showing Travis what he could do. He mentioned that Coach Bowen did a great job training Daron! Coach Travis told me that Daron is probably one of the best quarterbacks in the state of CT for his age! I felt good when I heard those compliments from Coach Travis. Coach Travis told me right away after practice that he would love to train Daron til he graduates from High School. Our goal is to make Daron one of the best quarterbacks in Enfield History! Daron told me right away that he really likes Travis a lot and wanted to see him more for his lessons. I was thrilled to hear that because he seemed very happy to have Travis as his coach. Coach Travis will be training Daron a lot this year with 8 to 10 lessons. Coach Travis told me he will be coming to see Daron s games.. All is good and we are excited to have Travis!

Heres the picture of his first QB lesson with Coach Travis.

2nd Lesson with Coach Travis.

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