Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Enfield Ramblers 2009 7 year old/2nd Grade

Daron is very excited about this year. He is a starter quarterback for his mighty mites team age 6,7,8. Daron is doing great so far. Few of new football parents are very impressed with Daron and asked me where did he get that arm? :-) He made some new friends especially Austin who lives down the road. Austin would be a great TE down the road! He has been making nice passes for touchdowns during team scrimmages. He throws to Brett and Shane who are Daron s receivers. He also had some nice touchdown runs. Daron still arrives to practice one hour early to work on his QB drills no matter what. Daron still loves to practices. He just never wants to stop practicing.. Daron is lucky that I am willing to practice with him!!! His first game starts on Sept 13. His QB coach, friends and families will be there to watch Daron play his first game as Starter Quarterback. We are looking forward to watching him play! It should be a fun season!

Doing his QB drills with his Dad before team practice starts.

His team practice with coaches in background.

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