Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Daron's first quarterback lesson with Evan Bowen. (July 2008)

Daron practiced his 5 steps back.

Daron listened to his QB Coach how to throw the ball.

Daron giving the ball to his coach as a running back.

Daron smiling as Evan was explaining to him how to hold the ball when giving to running back.

Daron worked on his 3 steps back throw.

Nice throw Daron!

Daron with his QB Coach, Evan on his first day of QB lesson.

Daron had a blast learning from his quarterback coach, Evan this morning. He was smiling the whole time. Evan taught him how to throw the ball correctly, 3 and 5 steps, and tossing the ball to running back. Evan told me he was very impressed with his athletic skills especially for his age 6 year old.. He said that Daron seems so natural playing as a quarterback and would be a great quarterback down the road. He mentioned that Daron's mighty mites coach would be very thrilled to have him as a quarterback for his team this season. Daron told me he really likes Evan a lot and wants to see him again.

Daron asked me to take him to football field to practice more tonight after dinner. I took Daron and Jaxon to the football field. Daron practiced the drills he learned this morning from his coach. Jaxon was running around the football field with his own football and played with sand too! They had fun! Daron wants to practice on the field every day. I told him I would take him if he behaves and listen to his mother everyday! :-) I guess being a football player is his blood.

Daron will see Evan every Sunday til September. His first practice with Mighty Mites (6 and 7 years old league) Enfield Ramblers starts July 28th.

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