Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Daron's Update News with Enfield Ramblers (September 2008)

Hello Friends and Families,

It has been a while I update my kids blog... Daron has been very busy practicing with his Enfield Ramblers team every day Monday to Friday during August. Now his team is practicing monday wednesday and friday because of school. I am one of the assistant volunteer coach for Daron's team. Daron is the back up quarterback and safety starter for his team. Daron has not practiced taking reps much because the Coach Tom has been focusing on his starter quarterback, Carter most of the times. Carter is 7 and played last year when he was 6. Daron has impressed the coaches, players families when the team were looking for a back up quarterback this season. He became a back up quarterback automatically after the coaches couldnt believe his skills such as 3 and 5 step throw. Daron won the quarterback competition 3 times beating the starter quarterback. Few of the players families asked the coaches who the kid was after he won the quarterback competition. I will never forget that moment! The following week, Daron struggled taking the snaps and hand offs for the first time when Coach Tom put him in which I expected because it was his first experience taking the reps and hand offs. The head coach told me what Daron needed to work on.

I have been taking Daron to practice early at 5 o clock everyday before his team practice starts at 6. We are the only people there at 5. I have been training and working hard with him. Daron has been improving so much lately with his throws ( he can even throw 20 yards in the air), hand offs and his 3 step throw. Daron has been telling the Coach Tom that he has been working hard with his hand off. Coach was glad to hear that.

Overall, Daron has been enjoying practicing with his team and meeting new friends such as RJ, Cameron, Mason, Wyatt, and Brett. He is playing his first ever football game tomorrow against RHAM at 9 am in the morning. He is very excited and anxious to get out on the field. His jersey number is 14, a quarterback number! :-) Go get em Daron!!!! We all love you! Play hard and you will do well!!!

Heres the picture of Daron s quarterback lessons with his coach, Evan the last 2 months.

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