Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Daron s 1st year of his Football Season is over. (2008)

Hello friends and families.

I have been very busy since Daron s football season was over in Nov 08. Sorry for the delayed. I will try my best to update sports news down the road. Daron's football team had a good year. His team finished 2-5-1. Daron played all the games without missing any games. He was a starter for strong safety every game. He made nice tackles. He was a back up quarterback. He took some snaps all season long. He did very very well because it was his first time being a quarterback as 6 year old.. He practiced taking a lot of snaps during practice. He had some nice touchdown runs as a quarterback during practice. His coaches are very excited to have Daron back next year as a starter quarterback because their quarterback is moving to the next level because of his age. One of Daron's coaches told me that they think Daron is a better quarterback than Carter because of his natural for being a qb. Coaches told me that they tried convincing Coach Tom to give Daron more snaps but told me that Coach Tom wanted Carter as a quarterback because he played last year. Daron told me that he really enjoyed playing football this year and wanted to come back. He has been working on his 3 and 5 steps in the basement lately. He also has been playing with his younger brother, Jaxon as his dummy tackle :-) Daron will see his quarterback coach for his lessons in April 09 every weekend. He will be working on taking shotgun snaps and fake handoff while in shotgun. Daron is really looking forward coming back next year. Please enjoy the pictures and video below. Please feel free to post comments!! Daron would like to read it!

Daron as a Quarterback taking snap.

Getting Ready before the game!

Daron playing as a quarterback!

Daron with his proud Daddy after his first game in his Mighty Mites League.

Daron getting ready to hand off the ball to his running back.

Daron playing as a Quarterback.

Daron got SMOKED! He got up quick after that hit. One of my fav picture LOL!

Daron with his good football friend Mason who is 8 year old in the football banquet.

Daron with his Daddy during Football Banquet.

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