Sunday, April 17, 2011

Daron is one of the "Players to Watch" at Andrew Pinnock Football Camp!

Daron was selected one of the "Players to Watch" for Andrew Pinnock s Football Camp! It was an honor for him to selected my son after seeing him participated one of his football clinic during Feb vacation. He and his crew were very impressed with him. Andrew used to play for San Diego Chargers for 6 years and Denver Broncos for 1 year. He played in the UFL last year for Florida Tuskers. Daron will be participating Grade 2-5 and Grade 6-9 camps.

Andrew and Daron s father became good friends. Andrew has been giving great advices for my son how to handle the media attentions, and haters. He has been great role model for me and Daron. We are very fortunate to developed a great friendship with him! His 13 year old son is a beast! You all need to look out for him! He will be at the camp as well!

Check his bio/info at his web site

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