Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hartford Hurricanes JPW team fell short and finished the 2013 SCPW JPW State Champions Runner - Up.

Great Season. The kids played hard all season long. We lost to Danbury Trojans the first game of the season 33-6 then we went 7-1 the next 8 games. We upset Danbury Trojans in the semi finals. The score was 38-14. We lost to New Haven Steelers in the state championship game. Daron will never forget this season. He had a great time with his new teammates after playing for Manchester Sentinals the last 3 years! Daron showed some speed and rang some bells in the league. Daron received a lot of compliments from the coaches and team presidents as well. They never saw a talented QB like Daron can do with his footwork and throwing mechanics. Great job Daron and we are so proud of you!

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