Monday, June 17, 2013

Daron Bryden vs NFL Pro Bowl QB Matt Hasselbeck

Finally I am going to announce after waiting for one year! Daron participated at the Kids Talent Show at LA with 5 other talent kids from all over the country last June 2012! For some reason the show was scrapped and will not air at all which was disappointing. Anyways, LL Cool J was the show host! They had my son Daron Bryden to challenged NFL Pro Bowl QB Matt Hasselbeck in an accuracy competition. It was a timed challenge 60 seconds on the clock! Each Player must get one ball through each hoop in order, 1-5 (shortest to tallest). Player earns point value for each hoop - e.g. a ball through hoop 1 earns one point, a ball through hoop 3 earns three points, etc. Once each of the five hoops has been "completed" in order - player may then throw balls at any of the hoops in any order to earn additional points. Guess who won? Daron beat Matt Hasselbeck by 2 points! The final score was 33 to 31! The audience went NUTS!!!!! Matt could not believe how amazing Daron was!!! It was the night we will never forget. LL Cool J and producers told me that everyone was talking about how amazing Daron was at his talent and how great he was as part of the cast. Again I do not know the reason why it was scrapped maybe Matt told them not to air it at all LOL. Just Kidding. Matt was an awesome guy and he met my family as well. He gave Daron an autographed jersey after the show. Also Big Ben sent Daron his autographed jersey as well because they knew Big Ben was Daron's favorite quarterback! If anyone wants more specific details, please email me.

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