Saturday, June 8, 2013

Daron did great at the UMass High School Football Camp!

Daron as a 5th grader had a great time balling with the UMass High School players today! Daron and I felt welcome when we arrived there. One of the UMass coaches, Charley Molnar III was great taking the time to talk to me and Daron and showing us UMass football uniforms and etc! Also UMass Offensive Coordinator John Bond introduced himself to us. Daron worked with him today and he learned some tips from him. It was also great finally meeting Coach Suber who has been following Daron on twitter and invited him to this camp! I was very impressed that UMass head coach, Charley Molnar walked up to me and introduced himself. I told him I was deaf and read lips. He said he knew I was deaf. He told me Daron was great! He told me what little things that Daron needed to fix. I told him one of QB coaches taught him what he was doing before. He asked me few questions about Daron. It was a great chat with him! On the ride home Daron told me that he would love to be a 2020 Minuteman! I told him "Daron you know you have a long way to go and more schools will be coming after you if you keep on working hard" Yes it would be awesome if he plays for UMass because its only 40 minutes drive! Cant beat that LoL Young gunslinger balling with the high school players! Daron #5 the youngest QB at the UMass High School Camp as a 5th grader! Daron and one of UMass coaches, Coach Suber!

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