Friday, May 14, 2010

"The Future" received a special invitation to participate Steve Clarkson QB Dreammaker Tour in New York on June 5th!

We are all very excited when we received an e mail today from Steve Clarkson and one of his crew that they would love to invite Daron to his QB Dreammaker in New York on June 5th to compete with the 4th Graders Quarterbacks! Youth Quarterbacks are only for 4th graders and up. But Steve Clarkson and his crew were very impressed with this blog, his videos and last year season stats. They wanted to see how Daron do against the 4th graders. Daron is the only 2nd grader to participate in the QB Dreammaker in NY! Steve Clarkson is considered one of the premier quarterback coaches. Clarkson has tutored Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Leinart, J. P. Losman, Gino Torretta, Matt Barkley, and Jimmy Clausen, among others.

Daron is going to make his Five Star Quarterback Coach, Travis PROUD! Daron will be wearing his Five Star T Shirt at his competition! Many big thanks to his Quarterback Coach Travis Meyer for all the hard work he taught Daron so far. He is the big reason why Daron is good! We are very fortunate to have him coaching Daron. Go Daron and Five Star! Show Steve and his crew what you can do as a 8 year old kid! Mom and Dad will be proud of you no matter what. Important you go there and have a GREAT TIME! Good luck Daron!

Daron is still training hard with his new mechanics...

Here is a picture above Daron working on his new throwing mechanic from his QB Coach, Travis at Glastonbury High School... Travis showed Daron how the ball should be thrown by showing him the video of him throwing the ball to his father, Craig... He is doing great with the new mechanics.. His 3 steps drop is improving and Travis was very excited to see how much he has improved after he has not seen him in 3 weeks! Daron has been doing his QB training with his father at Fermi or Enfield HS 3-4 times a week plus seeing his QB coach once a week as long as his AAU basketball games/ or practices are not conflicted with his schedule.