Tuesday, December 14, 2010

QBA Off Season Camp at Las Vegas, Nevada

Daron just got back from Las Vegas. He really enjoyed himself learning tips, especially reading defense plays, having courage and being a leadership as a QB. He really had a great time listening to QBA Director Darin Slack during the presentations. He laughed most of the times because he thinks Darin Slack was a funny guy! He made some friends from Las Vegas and Colorado.

QBA coaches were very impressed with Daron. They thought he was only 9 but he is only 8. They all tells me that he is going to be a very good QB down the road. The coaches enjoyed having Daron there. Coaches tell me that Daron is the best QB in the youth group based on his skills and talents. There were quarterbacks from Nevada, Colorado, Utah, Texas, Illinois and California.

Daron would like to thank the QBA coaches for their time teaching! He enjoyed getting to know Will Helwett and few other instructors as well. His favorite QBA Instructor is Tom Rathmann. Tom Rathmann is former LSU Quarterback. Please check Tom s quote on this blog on the top right side of this page.

Daron also would like to thank the people who donate money for him to attend LV Camp! Many thanks for your help!

Patricia/Donald Bryden
Albert/Suzanna Harris
Kim Burrell
Justin Brooks
Lou Volpintesta
James Castellano
bigslickbets (via twitter)
Logan Tomlinson
Will Lorenz

Five Star Quarterback, Daron Bryden from Connecticut!

Daron getting ready to show the QBA coaches the way he throws in front of the video!

Listening to QBA Director, Darin Slack how to be a leadership as a QB

Daron and Former LSU QB and his favorite QBA Instructor, Tom Rathmann!

Proud Dad and Daron!

Daron and his 12 year old friend from Las Vegas

Daron headed back home to CT!

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