Friday, July 8, 2011

Daron had a ball at Andrew Pinnock Football Camp (Grade 2 -Grade 5)

Daron s team: The Fighting Irish
Daron was doing some passing
Darons father, Craig, Daron, Desmond Conner and Quentin
Daron s Coach Manning, Daron and his favorite WR, Kyle!
Offensive MVP Award

Daron will never forget this camp! He had a great time meeting new friends and new coaches as well! His best friends at the camp are Quentin Conner and Kyle Manning. He enjoyed learning some pointers from his team Coach Manning. The name of his team was Fighting Irish. They finished 3rd place. Daron had to throw the ball lightly at the camp for the wide receivers to catch because of the age. It was a learning experience and great adjustable for Daron to learn. Daron loved his wide receiver Kyle Manning. He wished that Kyle was one of his wrs for his Manchester Sentinals! They had a special connection at the camp! Kyle made all the key catches when needed! Daron was the Offensive MVP for his team, The Fighting Irish. Coach Manning and Coach Moseby: Thank you for all the hard work you taught Daron all week

You all need to keep an eye on Kyle Manning this season! He is a Quarterback for the Bloomfield Raiders (Bloomfield, CT) His father Kenneth Manning was one of the top QBs in the 80s in the State of CT. You also need to keep an eye on Quentin Conner. He plays a lot of positions. He has a great arm and great speed! He plays for Middletown Tigers (Middletown, CT) His father is Desmond Conner who is the Hartford Courant Sports Reporter.

Camp Pinnock was a wonderful experience for my son, Daron Bryden. He had a great time and great memories as well! He met a lot of new friends there. He will never forget this awesome camp! Coach Pinnock and other coaches did a great job coaching the kids. They showed a lot of pride and heart coaching our kids! Daron will be back for sure next year! Thank you Coach Pinnock for all the hard work! Craig Bryden

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