Sunday, September 2, 2012

Daron is getting ready for his first game next week!

Manchester Sentinals Junior Pee Wee Double D's Threat! Daron Bryden and Derek Wood!
Daron has been working hard lately after he was done with his football camps over the summer at Los Angeles, Ohio and Long Island! His first game of the season for his Manchester Sentinals Jr Pee Wee is at home on Sept 9th at noon! Daron has been working out with his father. He also worked out with Central Connecticut State University wide receiver Denzell Jones who came up to Enfield, CT to catch his passes! Denzell is very gifted athelete! Keep on eye on Denzell this season at CCSU! Daron worked out today with one of his wide receivers, Derek Wood today. He is very athletic and is one of the players to watch this season! He came to play for the Sentinals from RHAM Youth Football league. Derek is in 6th grade this year. Daron is very excited to have Derek on his team! Welcome to the Sentinals Derek!
Denzell Jones and Daron worked out together!
Denzell was giving pointers to Daron about playing as a quarterback! Denzell was a QB at Bloomfield HS before he came to CCSU.

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