Saturday, November 7, 2009

Daron's 2009 Football Season (Age 7/2nd Grade)

Hello friend and families,

It is hard to believe Daron s football season is over. They started practice on August 1st. Time went by fast! He had a GREAT year especially first time playing as Starting Quarterback! His team finished 6-2 one of the best record his coach had in 20 years of coaching! I am so proud of Daron this year playing his first year as starting quarterback! What amazes me that he made me come to practice one hour early everyday to work on his quarterback training even he is a starter. He just wants to get better and better! Daron last year record was 2-5-1 when he was not a starting quarterback. I would like to thank my friends, families and Daron's quarterback coach for coming to the games to support him. Daron is already looking forward playing next season. He wants to play for "D" team again as a starting quarterback. D coaches are hoping Daron comes back to D next season. "C" Team Head Coach told me that he would love to have Daron for his C team next season and has a shot being his starting quarterback. He really said some good things next year for Daron. It is really a tough decision for me to make but I have to do what makes Daron happy. He has told me and coaches that he does not want to play defense at all but focus/play as a quarterback. Playing as a Quarterback is what Daron loves. He is always working hard to be the best as he can be! He will see his quarterback coach next March to Sept weekly. His quarterback coach is very excited to work with Daron next year. He tells me that Daron is going to have a bright future. Please check his web site He put a picture of Daron on his front page! :-)

Daron and his team had a great sportmanship and performance in the D Jamboree games. Daron had 45 yards Touchdown run. He also threw a nice 44 yards pass to one of his teammates, Brett Reedy. He also threw 12 yards and 18 yards passes to Brett Reedy. There is a special connection between Brett and Daron!

Check his stats and enjoy the pictures below! I will post video of Daron playing when I get the time! :-)

Heres his final season stats:

24 Carries 297 rushing yards total (Longest: 54 yards)
4 Touchdown Runs (54, 5, 5, 45)

11-19 Passing: 199 passing yards total; 1 interception
2 Touchdown Pass (55, 45 yards)

(6) 6 made 7 attempts 2 points conversion runs
(2) 2 made 3 attempts 2 points conversion pass

First 2 point conversion run!

Daron doing his hand off to one of his good friends, Austin!

Daron First Official Touchdown hug from his Daddy. One of the best moments of my life! :-)

Daron talking with his wide receiver Brett Reedy!

Daddy explained to Daron that you cant win all the times after his team lost their first game of the season after they started the season with 4 straight wins!

Daddy and Daron had their sideline chat!

Daron and his Quarterback Coach, Travis.

Proud Daddy and Son!

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