Monday, March 1, 2010

"The Future" is already training for this coming season!!!

Daron was very happy to start throwing football with his QB Coach. His QB coach calls Daron "The Future" His arm is getting stronger than last year! Daron learned some new mechanics today that his QB coach told me some of the HS Qbs are having a hard time doing it. Daron is excited to start working on his new mechanics and cant wait for his next lesson asap. Few youth football coaches especially one coach in Pawtucket, RI where my parents in law lives told me and would love to have Daron to play for his pee wee team as QB! We are exploring options whether he plays for D or C for Enfield or other towns.

Daron will be very busy juggling his AAU Spring basketball season which he will be a point guard for 3rd/4th Grade Middlesex Magic team near Boston. He is the only 2nd grader on the team. He will be playing 6 tournaments. Plus also training with his QB coach. Busy boy but he loves every minute of it!

Picture of Daron s lesson at ASD gym today.

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