Saturday, April 10, 2010

Selected as the Best Quarterback for under 4th Graders at Five Star Camp & Competition!

Travis Meyer s "The Future" students Casey Cochran and Daron Bryden.

Hello friends and families,

Today is a special moment for me and my son. Daron has his AAU basketball game this morning in New Hampshire then we drove all the way down to CCSU to attend his Quarterback Coach, Travis Meyer First Annual Five Star Quarterbacks Camp & Competition ever this afternoon and made it on time! Daron did not want to miss this opportunity to meet the coaches and players especially Casey Cochran one of the best QBs in CT. Daron met Casey for the first time today and Casey was very nice to spend some time and playing catch with him before his competition started. Casey gave Daron his Five Star All Star T Shirt. Casey won the Best QB for his High School group in the morning. Casey already got a quarterback scholarship to play for Boston College. Casey is only 10th grade!!! Amazing QB Casey is!!!

Daron particapted with under 4th graders group during the QB competition. I was so amazed to see that his footwork and throwing mechanics were a lot smoother than the other kids in his groups. Parents were coming up to me asking me if I was the father. Even few parents went up to Daron and asked where he was from. Few asked me to have Daron to play for their town teams! I was overwhelmed because I never experience anything like this especially my son was overwhelmed with the attention he was getting today.. Daron was having a ball and enjoying the competition and meeting new friends as well!

At the end of the Competition, Daron was selected the best under 4th graders quarterback group and he was the youngest quarterback to participate in the competition as a 2nd Grade! He received his yellow Five Star T Shirt! They had Daron competed with older kids during All Star Selection group with 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th graders. He did beautiful and I am so proud of him. Travis his coach was so proud of him and told us that his footwork was better than most of the youth players (4th-8th) At the end of the day, Casey Cochran s Masuk High School Coach, John Murphy told me that he would love to have Daron play for him when he becomes a freshman in HS! What a nice compliment to hear! Even Casey s father Jack Cochran didnt realize that he was ONLY a 2nd grader!

I would like to say many thanks to Daron s coach Travis Meyer for all the hard work so far and am proud to say that Daron will continue to train with him til he graduates from HS because football is his love being a quarterback as he trains almost every day! Thanks again Travis your the best!

Now we are back at the hotel in New Hampshire for Daron s AAU game tomorrow morning at 10 30 am! Enjoy the pictures below that we took today!

Five Star All Star QBs, Casey Cochran and Daron Bryden. Dont they look alike if Daron didnt have his glasses on?!?!?!

Daron tried to look serious with his QB Coach but couldnt LOL!

Youth 4th-8th All Star Selections! (Look how small Daron is!)

Daron chatting with Future Univ of Fla Gators Quarterback, Tyler Murphy.

Enfield Ramblers QB, Daron Bryden, Masuk QB, Casey Cochran and Norwich Free Academy QB, Tecumseh Champlain.

Daron warming up with the two HS quarterbacks before the competition started..

Daron warming up with Casey.

Stayin Focused for his first ever QB Competition as 2nd Grader!


  1. Daron,

    I watched Travis Meyer work hard in school, helping his Dad and practicing his skills in not only football but also golf and basketball. He practiced every day and always worked with his team mates to make them better.

    I am Chuck Meyer I am Travis' Dad. Keep up the great work I know Travis will help you get where you want to go.

  2. Thanks Mr Meyer! I appreciated the comments and Daron too! He is working very hard everyday when he can!