Wednesday, February 29, 2012

CT Winter Indoor Football League (Scrimmage Games)

Daron and his 5th grade teammates listened to Sentinals Coach Alibrio before the game.

We had our first ever scrimmage game for Connecticut Winter Indoor Football League. Daron was very sick and woke up with a fever of 102 and Daron did not want to miss the game for his teammates. He told his daddy that my teammates need me today and I have to be there for them today! He said that I am a QB and I need to play for my team no matter what! He showed a lot of heart and played very well with a fever! The coaches and teammates parents were very happy that he showed up! We tied against Milford 6-6. We beat West Haven 12-6.

Daron s stats:

Against Milford 2-3 Passing 48 yards total 1 TD Pass for 35 yards.
Against West Haven 2-4 Passing 46 yards total 1 TD Pass for 36 yards

Please check the pictures and few videos of the scrimmage game! #10 out of shotgun! They play spread offense formation!

Daron was doing his warm up throwing passes to his wr's.

Sick Daron with a fever of 102 after the game.

Videos of scrimmage game against West Haven Seahawks

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