Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Offense Defense Youth All American Bowl Results

Daron had a great week meeting new friends at Dallas, Texas for Offense Defense Youth All American Bowl. We spent the whole week with the Pinnock's family! We had a great time hanging out with Andrew Pinnock (Former NFL player for the San Diego Chargers) and his son Andrell Pinnock who was selected to play in the Youth All American Bowl as well! Daron will never forget the friends he met. His closest friends are Micah Robinson (Atlanta, GA), Jalen Brown (Long Island, NY) and Dillon Doherty (Withrop, MA)

Daron amazed a lot of the teammates parents during practice. They all wished he had more reps to show them what he could do. One time one of the coaches designed a play for Daron to throw a bomb during practice scrimmage. He threw it beautiful and one of the wide receivers misjudged his pass which hit his helmet while he was running on streak route. So they tried another pass play for Daron which he pumped fake the flat route pass then threw another bomb 20 yards in air and the wr caught the pass and ran for a TD during scrimmage in practice. The parents loved it! Daron was the ONLY QB to throw a TD pass out of 4 QB's for his team during the 1st day of scrimmage. After that, that was it for Daron. Coaches did not let him throw another long bomb. We dont know why. It was tough because they had 4 quarterbacks on the same team.

Daron's team played 2 games. Daron had 16 total reps. Stats: 2-4 passing 21 yards and 1 INT. There was one play that a wide receiver dropped a wide open pass that could have been 65 yards TD! Daron had 2 carries for 10 yards rushing. We lost the first game and won the second game in OT.

It was a fun week for Daron. Daron will not be participating in the Offense/Defense Camp again because he will be focusing on the Junior Rank/All American Academic Bowl/Camps and NUC/AFL Youth Bowl.

Lastly, I would like to say many thanks for Jalen Brown's family for their hospitality! They made sure that I knew what was going on or what the coaches were saying. They wanted to make sure I was not left out! If it was not for them, I would be more frustrated and lost. Thank you so much Lesha and Taran!

Dillion introduced himself to Daron on first day of practice.
Daron and Jalen Brown
Daron was getting ready!
Daron's roll out play at Dallas Cowboys Stadium!
Daron scrambled 7 yards for 1st down on 3rd down and 6!
Daron's Youth All American Team
Daron and Dillon Doherty
Daron closest friends Jalen Brown and Micah Robinson
Brown's family are awesome!

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