Monday, March 24, 2014

Bret Cooper Youth All American Game in Dallas, Texas

Daron had a great time meeting his new friends and coaches. Great experience for him. He played against 7th graders! He was one of the 6th graders to participated in the 7th grade youth all american game. Daron's team won by 2. Final Score was 20-18. It was a tough day for passing for all the quarterbacks because it was 30-40 mph wind during the game. Daron went 1-2 10 yards passing for first down. He helped the team scored the winning td in the 4th quarter! Bret Cooper was very impressed with Daron after seeing him throw and play for the first time. He followed Daron since he was 6 years old! Great guy and the coaches want Daron back again in the future!

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