Monday, March 24, 2014

There is no off season for Daron! #NoDaysOff

Daron is still playing football all year around. He is still doing his QB workouts with his father. He worked out with New Britain Jr Hurricanes players and Hartford Hurricanes players during his off season workouts. He recently finished his indoor flag football league. He played for coaches Mark Light and Kori Kaluna. Right now he is playing Full Contact Indoor Football League with Team 88 Athletics. We are undefeated so far. Our record is 4-0. Daron is 23/30 passing 77 % completions with 8 touchdown passes and no interceptions so far. Two more games left to go. His wide receivers are doing great job! His wide receivers are AP Simpson, Dorrain Chaney, Tyreece Lumpkin and Zach Light! His linemen are also doing a great job (Shepard, Kaluna and DTrain) Two of his FBU Team Connecticut North teammates are playing with him (DTrain, and Dorrian Chaney) His coaches for Team 88 Athletics are Tyrone Lumpkin, Kori Kaluna and Mark Grano. His next camp is ACE Rule The Air Invitational Game in Philly, PA this Sunday. Then his next camp is Team USA Football Regionial Development at Washington DC (April 5 and 6). He was invited by Jimmy Thomas to go there. They will be using the Gallaudet University football field! Great experience for Daron because Gallaudet University is a deaf college!

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